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Collectorpro for Antiques
This is where it all started in 1992! The first version of Collectorpro was developed over 20 years ago.

Collectorpro Software for Antiques is software that runs on Microsoft Windows or Mac with Parallels and Windows 7. Collectorpro for Antiques is designed to assist with cataloging your valued antiques and collectibles. Collectorpro will allow you to track the most important information about what is in your collections. For antique sellers, sales and sales tax may be recorded along with profit and loss reporting. Images of items may be stored in the inventory in all the popular graphic formats.

New features added for antique resellers in the latest release are:

Ability to track suppliers
Automatically calculate buyers premiums paid and have that included in the cost of items purchased for resale

Ability to track sellers
Enter where you are selling your items (antique malls, online services, etc.)
Automatic calculation of sellers premiums (comissions) when recording sales

New reports provide sold item information by seller so you can track sellers performance and costs. 
Features of Collectorpro for Antiques
  • Collection Management
  • Create as many collections as you wish
  • Ability to customize fields labels for each collection
  • Reporting Tools
  • Reporting by collection
  • New report selection tool to allow you to select which items to appear on reports
  • All reports are displayed before printing-saves paper
  • More concise easier to read reports
  • Ability to print reports with the item pictures
  • Shipping labels may be printed for a single customer
  • Data Entry Screens
  • Tabbed data entry screens for easier navigation
  • Consistent controls on all screens
  • New fields for additional costs such as shipping and auction purchase fees
  • Ability to store up to 8 images of each item in all the popular image formats
  • Quick access toolbar available at all times for quick access to common used functions
  • Attach multimedia files to each item (audio or video)
  • Features for Antique Dealers
  • Ability to calculate sales tax for as many jurisdictions as you wish to track
  • New sales tax reports by jurisdiction
  • New sales reports by customer reports
  • Expense report available by expense category
  • Inventory aging report
  • Slow selling items reports
  • Ability to select cost or selling price to print on reports
  • Reports by location
  • Internet Capabilities
  • Ability to email a price quote directly to a customer with an image attached (works with Outlook only)
  • Ability to store customer email and web addresses directly in the customer file
  • Visit common auction sites directly within Collectorpro
  • Store picture URL (used in emailing price quote) of picture on the web
  • Optional Features
  • Ability to transfer collections from one computer to another. An easy way to transfer your Collectorpro data between two computers.
  • System Requirements
  • Personal Computer with any windows operating.(Note: Collectorpro does not run on Windows 8 RT)
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    Evaluation, Pricing, and How to Order
    Collectorpro for Antiques is $199 and includes free training. Collectorpro for Antiques with the optional Transfer feature is $299. Collectorpro includes free training and support. All software is delivered electronically.
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